• Accurl CNC servo electric press brake bending machine

Accurl CNC servo electric press brake bending machine

INTRODUCTION: ACCURL ®eB Icon is a fully electric machine.Using SYNCHRO technology that controls 2 axes during the bending, thus being able to compensate the axes Y1 and Y2 independently.

• Controller: DELEM DA58T CNC control system
                    DELEM DA66T CNC control system
                    DELEM DA69T CNC control system
                    ESA S640 control system
                    ESA S650W control system
                    ESA S660W control system

• Clamping: ROLLERI Clamping Tools
                    WILA Tooling System
                    WILA new standard tool holders
• Back Gauges: ACCURL 2-Axis CNC Back Gauge BGA-2 for X ,R-Axis
                          ACCURL 4-Axis CNC Back Gauge BGA-4 for X ,R,Z1,Z2-Axis
                          ACCURL 5-Axis CNC Back Gauge BGA-5 for X ,R, Delta X ,Z1,Z2-Axis
                          ACCURL 6-Axis CNC Back Gauge BGA-6 for X1 X2, R1 R2, Z1 Z2-Axis
• Optional: Bending Angle Measurement
                  CNC bending Follower supports

Product Detail




Servo Electric Press Brake
The Servo Electric Press Brake CNC system is mainly used in the field of all-electric servo bending machine. It is a high-end CNC system developed by Accurl according to the market demand. It has powerful functions and rich built-in resources. It has special products that are safe, efficient, energy-saving and green.


Reliable Performance
Accurl Full-Electric Servo Press Brake CNC system adopts high-end CNC system development platform and advanced sheet metal bending special algorithm and motion control algorithm. The motherboards all adopt industrial grade chips, and the CNC system has passed EMC electromagnetic Compatibility verification and high and low temperature environmental suitability testing.


High-end Design
High-end design: The numerical control system adopts high-grade industrial shape luxury panel design, 17-inch large-screen LCD display and touch screen, and the interface display is clear at a glance.

2D graphics programming function: The system has 2D graphics programming / display / simulation functions, intuitive operation, and can be used to warn of bending collisions in simulated bending.

Direct programming function: The system has direct programming function at the same time. It is most convenient to use direct programming function for simple bending. It is only necessary to input the back file of each process, angle and other parameters to bend.


High Speed and High Precision Control
The numerical control system of the full-electric servo bending machine adopts a high-speed acceleration/deceleration algorithm and a trajectory look-ahead algorithm. The numerical control system plans the overall trajectory according to the speed and vector characteristics of the bending before bending, and simultaneously accelerates and decelerates at the same time. To ensure good bending accuracy and gentle movement characteristics, so that high speed and high precision can be effectively integrated!

①High speed: The maximum fast forward speed of the Y axis is 300mm/s, and the maximum working speed is 100mm/s.

②High precision: Double-loop control with 5um resolution magnetic scale and high-digit encoder, repeat positioning accuracy ±3um.

③Machining consistency: avoids the effect of oil temperature changes on the consistency of the bent workpiece.


Energy Saving and Environmental Protection
The full-electric servo bending machine numerical control system is mainly applied to the all-electric servo numerical control bending machine, which is particularly energy-saving and green.

Special power saving: The difference between the power consumption of the all-electric servo bending machine and the electro-hydraulic servo bending machine is the difference between the inverter air conditioner and the ordinary air conditioner. The all-electric servo bending opportunity automatically outputs the appropriate power according to the working condition, and the power consumption during idle is less than 0.5kW, so it saves electricity.

Green: no need to use and replace hydraulic oil, ending the environmental pollution of used hydraulic oil.

Comparison of power consumption of 40-ton all-electric servo bending machine and common 40-ton hydraulic bending machine.

Model Average power One Year Working Time One Year of Electricity Consumption
40T Servo Electric Press Brake About 1KW 3000h 3000 degrees
40T Hydraulic Press Brake About 4.5KW 3000h 13500 degrees

One year can save electricity: 13500-3000 = 10500 degrees; five years can save electricity: 52500 degrees!


Intelligent Safety Light Curtain Monitoring
The CNC system of the full-electric servo bending machine intelligently determines the dangerous area in the bending process according to the safety light curtain signal, the workpiece processing parameters (the upper and lower mold parameters and the workpiece thickness parameters set in the numerical control system) and the linear displacement sensor feedback position value. And safe areas to protect the safety of operators. The design solves the defects of the special safety light curtains of the commonly used bending machines in the existing market, and can protect the safety of the operators during the bending process without affecting the working efficiency.


Safety Foot Switch
The safety foot switch is a high-performance product designed with safety and convenience as its focus. One pedal has two switches, one is a normal working switch, and the other is an emergency switch. If there is a dangerous situation, the pedal can be repeatedly pressed through the resistance point. Disconnect the normally closed emergency stop switch to de-energize the Y-axis servo system.


Spindle Power Box
The spindle power box delivers bending pressure, heavy duty ball screws and bearings, long life design and sealed protection design to ensure critical components are protected from external dust.


Main Technical Indicators and Functions
1.Y1/Y2 adopts grating ruler or magnetic scale feedback full-closed loop control mode, precise positioning control, and repeat positioning accuracy reaches ±3μm!

2.Intelligent safety light curtain monitoring ensures operator safety, patented, unique!

3.Intelligent tool load monitoring ensures tool safety

4.Five-wire touch screen, high reliability and more than 10 million times of service life, the operation process is simple and fast;

5.A variety of programming methods: direct programming mode and two-dimensional graphical interactive programming mode are left to the customer;

6.The bending pressure automatic calculation function exceeds the pressure limit range alarm prompt;

7.The “direct” calculation function of the rear material position: according to the relevant dimensions of the sheet metal and the amount of plastic deformation, the position of the back material is directly calculated according to the neutral layer;

8.Angle intelligent compensation function: According to the sheet metal material characteristics, mold size, material thickness, bending angle and other sheet metal process parameters, combined with the numerical control system angle calculation model, any sheet metal only needs one trial bend and can be automatically corrected according to the angle deviation. Can be officially produced.

9.Arc continuous bending function;

10.Mold parameter library: build mold parameter library for customers, which is convenient for customers to quickly call parameters for sheet metal bending;

Accurl has a professional technical team, adhering to the "technology and innovation as the driving force, the pursuit of excellence products as the goal" concept, focusing on the rapid customization of CNC systems in all walks of life. The company's current main products are XX, XX series five-axis linkage CNC system, support customer-specific customization, and bending machine CNC system, has been widely used in the mold processing industry.


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