• CNC Sheet Bending Machines 4 Axis 100T x 3200MM Press Brake with DA53T controller
  • CNC Sheet Bending Machines 4 Axis 100T x 3200MM Press Brake with DA53T controller
  • CNC Sheet Bending Machines 4 Axis 100T x 3200MM Press Brake with DA53T controller

CNC Sheet Bending Machines 4 Axis 100T x 3200MM Press Brake with DA53T controller

INTRODUCTION:The ACCURL press brake, engineered with great care for details, is a high quality machine tool. The studies made on the framework flections have allowed us to design a product that reacts in the most appropriate and responsive way to the mechanical solicitations, therefore guaranteeing a stable structure, thus a higher precision in bending. This feature is even enhanced by a system of automatic crowning. Worth mentioning is also the possibility to add options and upgrades on the configuration, at later stage.


Product Detail


Controller: DELEM DA53T CNC Controller
DELEM DA58T CNC Controller
DELEM DA66T CNC controller
ESA S630 Controller
ESA S640 Controller
CybTouch 8PS
CybTouch 12PS
CybTouch 15PS

Clamping : ROLLERI Clamping Tools
WILA Tooling System
WILA new standard tool holders

Back Gauges: ACCURL 2-Axis CNC Back Gauge BGA-2 for X ,R-Axis
ACCURL 4-Axis CNC Back Gauge BGA-4 for X ,R,Z1,Z2-Axis
ACCURL 5-Axis CNC Back Gauge BGA-5 for X ,R, Delta X ,Z1,Z2-Axis
ACCURL 6-Axis CNC Back Gauge BGA-6 for X1 X2, R1 R2, Z1 Z2-Axis

Optional :Bending Angle Measurement
CNC bending Follower supports


cnc (2)

This ACCURL® Pro CNC Crowning system enables theuser to offset deformations of the beam while bending. thus, the angle is keeping constant along the entire plate length.


Easy reversibility of tools because of symmetrical adaption.

Quick clamping for the dies.

Suitable for Europe standard , Amada Tyoe & Single V Dies.


cnc (1)

DSP-AP generates a visible laser protection compliant to EN12622 regulation. The beam protects the press brake operator from the danger of being crushed between upper and lower tool. This device allows to reduce the mute point (speed change point) to up to 4mm from the sheet metal, thus permitting a remarkable saving in the duration of the bending cycle. As a result, the ram moves at a higher speed for a longer time, keeping the part of the bending cycle when it moves at a lower speed to a minimum. The amount of time that can be saved by DSP-AP/RX with respect to a conventional system is about 1.2 seconds per each bend.

1.Auto-blanking for automatic box and side wall detection

2. "Safe Release" supports are unhooked without damages in case of collision

Transmitter and receiver can be equipped with CNC motorized positioning. The two devices are placed to the exact height according to tools used and working conditions.


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ACCURL use LazerSafe LZS-2 guarding system offers a highly effective solution for both operator safety and machine productivity.Designed for use with Lazer Safe's PCSS A Serice, the Lazersafe is category 4 compliant and meets the world’s most demanding international safety standards(CE Certified Category 4 Safety Controller with integrated).
The state of the art in combining safety, productivity and precision: 
ACCURL machines comply with the strictest EU regulations with reference to safety. The devices installed guarantee thorough safety of the operator without reducing the pace of work.

Name Unit PRESS BRAKE 100Tx3200MM
Bending force ton 100
Bending length mm 3200
Distance between columns mm 2550
Stroke((Y-axis) NC‐controlled stroke axes) mm 120
Daylight mm 380
Throat Depth mm 320
Bed Height mm 800
Bed Cap Width mm 80
Y-axis advance speed mm / sec 120
Y-axis working speed mm / sec 10
Y-axis return speed mm / sec 100
X-axis BackGauge Speed mm / sec 150
X-axis BackGauge Travel mm 600
X-axis BackGauge Precision mm 0.01
Gaugeable with 3rd Position mm 850
Workpiece straightness mm 0.6 /m
Bending angle accuracy (′) <±50
Sliding Front Arms pcs 2
Backgauge Finger Block pcs 3
Motor Power kw 7.5
Oil Tank Capacity lt 260
Crowning System /
Length mm 3500
Width mm 1650
Height mm 2350
Weight kg 7350

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