In 2020, Covid-19 had a huge impact on the whole world where people died, economy shrank. Traders, factories and even companies were all struggling in this circumstances. Every single decision on investment was like a jump at the edge of the cliff.

Turin, a city full of freedom, passion and romanticism in Italy at before, was lifeless due to the pandemic. However, it brought crisis but also opportunity at the same time.

Mr. Jose, boss of a 30-year-old sheet metal processing factory made a success while others closed down one by one. Meanwhile, increasing orders drove Jose find a new supplier to fit insufficient capacity. On Alibaba, the biggest export platform in China, he found ACCURL and confirmed all the details about machine quickly. So the only question left was after-sales service.

How could ACCURL ensure it in 1200km-away locked-down Italy?

The at-door service and face-to-face communications with European engineer dispatched by ACCURL eased his worries.

Now, machines arrive as scheduled and are well-installed by ACCURL engineer Mr. Iven. Mr.Jose, on the other side, is scaling production up in the mean time.

Can ACCURL offer thoughtful after-sales service2(1)

Post time: Mar-19-2021

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